About The New Nut Company

The New Nut Company was established in 1997 and has grown into an efficient and streamlined operation with the capability to process 10,000 metric tons of peanuts annually. We employ 20 permanent staff and approximately 250 seasonal workers.

We have built relationships with customers in various countries during this time including USA, Japan and the Netherlands.

About The Owner

Mr Gerhard Dreyer has been a farmer in the Mareetsane district for more than 20 years, farming with maize, peanuts, cattle and a pigs. He is also engaged in farming maize in Zambia and runs his own transport business. He’s been involved with the company since 1996 as one of the larger producers, planting between 200 and 500ha of peanuts every year. He became more involved in the Company in 2005 when he bought 25% of the shares and finally took 100% control in 2007. 

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